Wildlife Center

Jatun Sacha Foundation to build Center for Wildlife Management at Jatun Sacha Biological Reserve

The main objective is to establish the Center for Wildlife Management at Jatun Sacha Biological Reserve, which will be a refuge for endangered species bred illegally for hunting. The Center will be a safe home for the animals and serve as a research center to study the natural behavior of these species.

Specific Objetives:

  • Develop a center for wildlife management focuses on two areas: wildlife management and animal breeding.
  • Enable an animal rescue center that serves as a refuge for illegally bred animals and their subsequent reintegration into the wild.
  • •Create a space suitable for breeding of those species that have become endangered due to hunting, thus contributing to the reproduction and repopulation of these species.
  • •Establish a program to assist sick and injured endangered animals, while raising awareness and providing education on this issue.
  • •Develop research projects regarding the biology of these species with a focus on maintaining biological viability.
  • In Ecuador, the trafficking of illegal wildlife is one of the most serious threats to biodiversity and impacts the entire ecosystem. Worldwide, wildlife trafficking is considered the third most profitable criminal activity after drugs and arms. In Ecuador, humans have used different justifications to illegally profit from the country’s unparalleled animal diversity. Many poor Ecuadorians have used illegal breeding and hunting as a way of life, following the example set by the initial illegal animal traffickers.
  • Illegal trafficking takes different forms depending on whether the traffickers are looking to sell on the foreign or domestic black market. Animals trafficked for sale on a foreign black market include only those species that will command a high price. Such traffickers capture and collect live specimens, animal parts, or animal products. These animals and products are destined for pet stores, zoological collections (private or scientific), or as expensive furs and exotic dishes in restaurants worldwide. Domestic trafficking targets a much wider array of species, as the domestic black market exists for almost any wild animal that can be illegally sold as pets, for sport, in collections of all kinds and in fueling demand for skins and animal protein in different markets across the country. The more expansive domestic black market makes domestic trafficking more damaging to the environment than foreign trafficking, as domestic traffickers destroy almost all plant and animal populations that are within an affected area.

In Ecuador, there are no comprehensive studies pertaining to the volume and nature of illegal animal trafficking and related illegal possession. This information vacuum complicates attempts to address the problem, as those who want to prevent illegal trafficking do not have accurate information to assist them in focusing their efforts.

In this context, Jatun Sacha Foundation is committed to establishing the CENTER FOR WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT AT THE BIOLOGICAL RESERVE JATUN-SACHA. We appeal to all our volunteers, researchers, students, conservationists and friends to secure DONATIONS to help us achieve this new initiative and bring biodiversity conservation to Ecuador.