San Cristobal: Forest of the Galapagos Islands

San Cristobal: Forest of the Galapagos Islands

The station offers the volunteer program for those interested in preserving the Enchanted Islands.

Volunteers contribute to the goals of the Station of San Cristobal, which are:

  • Develop the technology to reconstruct the natural habitats and to serve as a center for similar projects.
  • Eradicate invasive species of plants for planting native vegetation.
  • Developing clean alternative agricultural production of vegetables and fruits.

How can you help us?

  • Restoration of habitats and reforestation of a biological corridor connecting to 3 types of vegetation with native and endemic species.
  • Eradication of exotic species, since the percentage of these species is greater than 80%.
  • Production and agro-forestry program that attempts to minimize costs at the station and promote consumption of local agriculture.
  • Environmental education program as a support of schools, colleges and the national army.
  • Community Program: In conjunction with the National Park, Araucaria and the peasant commune, establishes a pilot project with 7 farmers to assist with the reforestation of native species endemic and organic coffee crops to boost agricultural area.
  • Walking through the top of the island, Galapagos, Chinese port and the lower part of the island to learn about the different ecological zones.

Method of payment

  • Cash delivered to the office Jatun Sacha in Quito.
  • Personal Check (U.S. dollars).
  • Travelers Checks (U.S. dollars).
  • Bank transfer from your home country (U.S. dollars). Must be submitted in advance and communicated to the Coordinator of Volunteers.

How can you afford?

  • With cash via mail or after you visit our offices Jatun Sacha in Quito.
  • Travelers Checks.
  • Personal check in USD currency.
  • Bank transfer from your home country. Must be submitted in advance and communicated to the Coordinator of Volunteers.

The data for the bank transfer is:

  •    Bank name: Banco de Pichincha
  •    Bank’s address: 10 de Agosto y Salinas
  •    Swift Code: PICHECEQ
  •    Address: Eugenio de Santillan N34-248 y Maurian
  •    Current account: 3001382004
  •    Phone: 2432 240