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Students and researchers interested in conducting research in the tropics of the New World are invited to participate in “field research and academic programs” Jatun Sacha Foundation Research program is open to all biological, environmental science, social studies and interdisciplinary. We welcome students of all levels of university education to carry out their research projects in different ecosystems of Ecuador. Research areas may include, but are not limited to ecological studies, biological control and the social sciences.


  1. Funding: Researchers must pay their own expenses, including airfare to Ecuador, the cost of living (hostels outside the network of reserves) and domestic transport, while in the country.

  2. Rates include three meals a day plus lodging in cabins that are shared with other researchers and volunteers, coordinating the logistics of Quito to the reserve base and coordination in place. We also have a small library at our headquarters in Quito for general use. Some stocks have small libraries in place as well. 

  3. The expenses for conducting a research project: Baccalaureate, M. Sc, Ph.D: 
    • 1-15 days $ 30 
    • 16-30 days $ 13


    • 1-15 days $ 38 
    • 16-30 days $ 27

  4. Investigator (and airfare for researchers go to San Cristobal reserve) must be paid before entering the reserve, during the introductory meeting. Research fees may be paid on a monthly basis at our headquarters (Quito). 

  5. There is an application fee of U.S. $ 50 to request the Jatun Sacha Foundation Research Program. There is also a deposit of U.S. $ 150 to do and is fully refundable upon receipt of a copy (print and digital format) of the study completed. 

  6. Health Insurance: The researchers should have their own international health insurance and the need to sign an agreement to release Jatun Sacha responsibility for any illness or injury sustained in Ecuador. 

  7. There are no time restrictions for researchers in any of our reserves. Researchers need a visa if their stay in Ecuador more than 90 days. Please consult the Volunteer Coordinator for more information about a visa. 

  8. Education Requirements: College degree is a prerequisite for acceptance into the program. However, all researchers must have an academic advisor or institutional support from their home countries to develop their research in Ecuador. 

  9.  Researchers will have to apply for permits if they need to collect specimens of plants and animals or wishing to export specimens. These permits must be obtained from the Ministry of Environment of Ecuador, and emphasizes respect for all its regulations and procedures. For more information visit the Ministry of Environment of Ecuador 

  10. The risk of malaria exists in our field stations located in the Esmeraldas province on the Ecuadorian coast, specifically in the following reserves: Bilsa and Congal. Therefore, researchers should have their own malaria prophylaxis while working in one of these two sites. 

  11. Researchers should also understand that reservations are not field team, therefore, each researcher is responsible for transporting all the equipment for research and field studies. After the investigation is concluded, any equipment that was donated to the site is very appreciated! 

  12. While in the reserves, researchers need approximately U.S. $ 20 per week for extra expenses (drinks, visits to communities, postal, transportation, etc.). But please, bring small bills for reservations ($ 5 denominations or less). Many local businesses are unable to provide change for large bills. 

  13. It is recommended that all researchers register with their local Embassy or Consulate upon arrival in Quito. 

  14. Researchers are expected to make available to the Jatun Sacha two copies of any publication or other body of work, thesis or dissertation (printed, video, recorded, filmed, photographed or recorded) from the research conducted in the station without monetary burden. Researchers must also provide (before entering the reserve) a written proposal of your project and the activities carried out in our reserves during its investigation. 

  15. There are certain days of entry for the various reserves. Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at to organize the dates of arrival in Ecuador days and the entrance to the reservation before booking tickets. Researchers go to the Galapagos Islands to pay an additional entrance fee of $ 100 upon arrival at the airport in San Cristobal. 

  16. Researchers should go on a proceeding that involves sending to us: 
    1.  Letter of application indicating: research topic, why the favorite season of participation and dates (dates of participation are necessary to ensure the availability of space) 
    2. Curriculum Vitae (CV) 
    3. Two passport size photographs 
    4. Research Proposal 
    5. $ 35 application fee, $ 60 for Galapagos (write the check in USD to the Jatun Sacha) PLEASE DO NOT SEND MONEY ORDERS. 

Send requests to: or Jatun Sacha Foundation PO Box 17-12-867 Quito – Ecuador South America