Guandera: Upper Montane Forest and Paramo

Guandera: Upper Montane Forest and Paramo

The station offers the volunteer program for those interested in protecting the last remnants of Andean forest that once covered the Andes of Ecuador.

Volunteers contribute to the goals of the Station Guandera, which are:

  • Retain part of the last remnants of cloud forest interandino.
  • Conduct scientific research.
  • Collaborate in community development.
  • Environmental education activities.
  • Promote organic agriculture.
How can you help us?

Ecuatorian Andes Conservation:

  • Center for Plant Conservation Andean: Volunteers participate in forestry experimental Andean trees, phenology, seed collection, agroforestry and reforestation.
  • Maintenance and expansion of the botanical garden featuring Andean: orchids, medicinal plants, ferns, mushrooms, spices, and flowers native guandera.
  • Andean fruit planting.

Organic Agriculture:

  • Andean tubers organic garden to practice organic farming techniques and share this experience with local communities. You must prepare the soil, plant seeds, harvest and do maintenance of the garden.
  • Experimental Farms organic vegetables and legumes and agroforestry practices with the community.
  • Vermiculture.
  • Elaboración de plaguicidas e insecticidas orgánicos.

Research in the high Andean forest and paramo:

  • Natural regeneration project tree Guandera.
  • Study of flowering and fruiting times of nine species.
  • Activities associated with biological inventories (especially of flora and birds) on the trails of the reserve and herbarium collections.
  • Taking data from the meteorological station.
  • Assistance in research projects.

Other activities:

  • Native guinea pig tank.
  • Project to develop handicrafts in wood which represents the biodiversity of flora and fauna in the forest.
  • Maintenance and development of the reserve: design of trails, making signs, guidance to visitors to the reserve.

Community development:

  • Once a week participating in the development of organic agriculture with local farmers, using clean methods of planting, spraying and harvesting of crops typical Andean.
  • Environmental education program for children, youth and adults in the community of Mariscal Sucre.
  • Teaching English or other curriculum materials to elementary school children in the community.

Cultural Exchange:

  • Spanish lessons, dance classes, and meetings in a friendly atmosphere with a fireplace to talk about our country, our culture, our people and our nature.
  • Ecological tourism in the province of Carchi.


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